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Basic knowledge about Ball Mills
What is a Ball Mill?

Balls movements in the Mill@

Kinds of Lining Material

Kinds of Ball Material

Balls movements in the millA(with lifter bar)
What is a Ball Mill? Charge a certain amount of medium balls and material into the cylinder shaped container, then turn the container horizontal axis ,
Balls start to move together with the turning of the container and are lifted up at a certain height along the wall , then slide down along the wall, some balls roll down on the other balls, they circulate one direction in the cylinder shaped containerl.
When ground material is input, the material is ground into powder by the rubbing power caused between ball and wall, between ball and ball, allso the impact power when dropped down on the other balls and wall.
Ball Mill is also used for mixing and dispersion.
Balls movements in the mill@

We can see the condition of balls circulation movement and notice the actual movement of medium balls by following Computer Simulation.

【on the condition】
Diameter of mill inside : 1000mm
Diameter of medium ball:   50mm
Turning :  32rpm
Kinds of Lining Material Ball Mill can cope with various type of material(resistent to abrasion, chemicals and contamination,etc.) applying suitable lining material listed below.
Following material have been lined by us already, if you want to have new lining material attached .we are wiiling to do
Alumina・High purity alumina・Nitrogenous siilicon・Manganese・Steel(SS,helten)・Natural stone・Abrasion resistent rubber・Chemical resistent rubber・MCNylon・Urethane rubber・PP(Polypropylene)
Kinds of Ball Material There are various sizes of balls(input medium) from beads of several mm to balls of 60mm and different balls material according to the ground material and aiming size of production particle..

Materials are Alumina・High purity alumina・Nitrogeneous silicon・Steel・Natural stone・Zirconia
MCNylon(w/iron core )and others.
Balls movements in the millA
(with lifter bar)

This computer simulation shows the movement of balls circulating in the mill with lifter bar.

【on the condition】
Diameter of mill inside : 1000mm
Diameter of medium ball:   50mm
Turning :  32rpm
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