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Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd.
5177-7 Hiyoshi-cho,Mizunami-shi,
Gifu-ken,Japan   〒509-6251
TEL: 0572-69-1025 FAX: 0572-69-1027
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Name Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd.
Established April, 1925
Incorporated December, 1942
Capital 28 Million Yen
President Yoshikatsu Kudo
Manufacturing Machines to process fine ceramic materials and a range of other minerals,
Waste water treatment machines & plants,
Design & manufacturing of crushing machines used in the recycle industry,
Machining of metal components for a range of industrial applications
Location 5177-7 Hiyoshi-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu-ken, Japan
Factory Size 14,707㎡
Main Banks Juroku Bank Mizunami Branch,
Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Tajimi Branch

April 1925 Established Inazu Steel Factory at Inazu-mura, Toki-gun, Gifu-ken and supplied
machines to the local ceramic industry.
August 1939 The company primarily manufactured aircraft parts.
December 1942 Moved to Toki-cho, Toki-gun and incorporated Chukoh-Seiki Limited Partnership Co. as a cooperate factory to Kagamigahara-Aircraft and produced aircraft components. The company employed some 300 factory workers.
February 1943 Re-organized to CHUKOH SEIKI CO., LTD. (a joint stock company).
October 1945 Wtih the end of World War 2, Chukoh Seiki returned and dedicated its entire
production to machines used by the ceramic industry.
August 1949 Technically cooperated with NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd. and in close cooperation with NGK Spark Plug Co., Ltd., efforts were made to research and develop new
products for the ceramic, chemical and general industry.
July 1970 A new office was built and the factory was expanded.
April 1979 Expansion of the assembly shop.
February 1999 Comoletion of a new factory and a new office building.
November 2003 Awarded ISO Certificate 9001:2000
January 2005 Installation of a double column 5-faces machining center.
August 2006 Construction of a new factory building D (300㎡).
January 2008 Installation of a second double column machining centre.
September 2010 Acquisition of the Eco-Action 21 certificate.
August 2011 Installation of Kuraki CNC Horizontal Boring/Milling Machine
November 2011 Participation in an overseas exhibition for the first time, Shanghai International
Industry Fair.
June 2016 Joined a Member of Japan Powder Industry Technology Association
December 2016 OM Turning & Drill Installation
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Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd
5177-7 Hiyoshi-cho,Mizunami-shi,
Gifu-ken,Japan  〒509-6251
TEL 0572-69-1025 FAX 0572-69-1027

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