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Types of Ball Mills
Type Picture Characteristic Uses
Wet Type Ball Mill To grind raw material with water together.

It is necessary to dehydrate & dry wet material at the later process

Can grind particle size smaller than Dry Type Ball Mill, but lining wear rate is a bit faster than Dry Type Ball Mill.
Ceramics, Fine Ceramics, Electlic Parts, Other New Ceramics etc.
Dry Type Ball Mill To grind dry without water

Not required to dehydrate & dry at the later process.

Motor power is needed about twice of the wet type motor, but lining wear rate is slower than wet type.

Have to intall a hood to discahrge production powder.
Silica, Alumina, and other mineral resources etc.
Water Jacket Ball MIll To cool down the heat at the time of ball mill grinding. Water is circulated between the drum and cover around the druml. Not only drum but also side plates can be made as water jacket.
Both wet & dry type of ball mills can be made water jacket.
Denaturation materials by heat up,functional materills, many others.
Nylon Ball Mill @Input mouth

Ball Mill Grinding is subject to wear of lining and medium balls. To avoid this contamination comes from wear, Nylon Ball Mill is good, because inside of mill is Nylon and even this wear contamination is included into the production, it can be burned out by the high temperature in the kiln at the time of product firing. Optical communication, electric, sensor, medical etc.
Tube Mill Above mills are all batch type (input raw material, close lid, run mill, stop mill rotation and discharge ground material)
But Tube Mill is a continuous grinding machine. Charge raw material thru the trrunion (which has a hollow) into the mill and discharge groud powder thru the other trrunion out of the mill automatically.
That's why tube mill is longer than ball mill.
It is not necessary to open and close lid each time of one batch like a ball mill.
Alumina and other raw material plants, recycle plant etc.
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