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Please contact with us when you'd like to re-lining the wall of your worn Ball Mill.
(Just click above window of Contact Us and send your e-mail requesting ball mill re-lining. Or call {81-572-69-1025)
We can repair, ball mill lining, worn lining, worn alumina bricks.
Sample of re-lining work
Left picture shows that alumina cermic was worn and steel is appearing here and there.
(After long years a ball mill working 50mm thick of Alumina Ceramics worn out, steel plate, black part, can be seen, )
Firstly take off every worn out Alumina Ceramics out of the drum and make clean the surface.

New Alumina Ceramic
Upper brick is 110x180x50mm size, which is glued to the drum part, shape is curved as to contact inside of the drum.

Lower picture is the ceramic 130‚˜130‚˜32‚‚ which is used at the side plates of the mill..

There are several class in the purity of Alumina, such as 92%, 99% etc.
Then Started to glue ceramics from the one side of the side plate.
This is the picture New ceramics were pasted.
This is the case of High Manganese, also shape is curved so that easily contact the shpe of the drum.
Lining materials Alumina Ceramics, Rubber, Natural Sirica Stone, High Manganese, Nyron, Uretan etc.
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