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Chukoh Seiki manufactures various crushing machines from coarse crushing to fine powder machines, and main products are Ball Mills and Tube Mills.

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Coarse/Intermediate Crushing Pulverization
What is a Ball Mill?
Jaw Crusher
Equipped with ceramic plates which have a Morse hardness of 9. Can crush raw material under Morse hardness of 7 and the size of 100mm.
Product purity can be maintained at high levels because of the wear-resistant plates.
Ball Mill, Dry & Wet Type (batch type)
Pulverization is made when balls and material rubbe and strike each other in the mill.
It is available to grind to about 10μm lowest depending on the balls and material used.

50~50,000L mill can be
manufactured. Pot Mill is also available to manufacture.
Roll Crusher
Equipped with ceramic rolls which have Morse hardness of 9. Can crush material under Morse hardness of 7 and the size of 30 ~40mm. (Roller gap 0.5mm lowest)
Ensure high-end product purity because of wear-resistan
Water Jacket
Type Ball Mill

Mill is surrounded by water jacket, a thermal medium circulates in the jacket, which enables to cool or heat inside of the mill when turning .
This type of mill is used for
the changeable materials by
Wet Pan
Material is crushed by compression, twist and friction power caused by rotating container(pan) and twin heavy rollers in it
This machine has also mixing work.
The structure makes it possible to work under severe condition.
Tube Mill
Although the way of grinding is same as Ball Mill but the main shafts have hollow and supply material to
one end and discharge from another end. This is continuous flow type of grinding mill.
FiltrationCompressor Fully Automatic Ball Mill
Automatically operated from charging raw material thru discharging. And cradle/swing movements are also added to normal rotation of mill, which blings effecve glinding./mixing.
Nylon Ball Mill
Inside of the mill is all nylon, medium balls are also nylon, free from touching to any metal part. It is very good for highly purified prolduction.
Filter Press

Filter Press compresses slurry or clayey water, rapidly squeezes out water or filters.
Slurry is pumped by Diaphragm Pump to fill each of filter bugs.
The filter bugs devide cakes and water, water is drained from the exit.
It is available to design and manufacture from small hand-tight-type to large hydraulic-cylinder-type.
(Option-semi automatic opening panel operation, or full
automatic operatio
Conical Tube Mill
Tapered at input or discharge point, performs very efficient grinding by preventing reverse distribution of material and balls, smooth running of material is done by distributing
big sizes at the entrance area and small sizes at the exit area.
This is a kind of Tube Mill.
Diaphragm Pump
Iron Remover
Conveyor Magnetic Filter
Magnetic Filter

Magnetic power removes iron filling inclusions from the material.
Can be operated continuously by development of a new filter.
onveyor for Various Plant

Belt Conveyor
Backet Conveyor
Screw Conveyor

We can design and manufacture according to your request.

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