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 Main Facilities and Equipment
Building A
Newly installed a 30t crane
Building A-East
Macining area for large round parts

10tx10t W Type 5t & 2.8t Cranes
Under crane10m

OM Turning16N
18/40 w/NC
20/40 w/NC
Building B
Shaping/Welding Area

5tx5t Crane   Under crane 6m
2.8t x 2

Building C
Spray paint area

2.8t x 1 Crane

Building D
Double Column 5 Center Machining Center
Double Column Machining Center

12.5t crane x2, Under crane 7m

CNC Horizontal Boring Milling Machine

OM made Turning 18/40 w/NC
Max Φ4000xH2000mm
OM NC Turning Center 20/40

Building A-West Assembly Area 32x14m

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