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About Us

About Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd.

Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd. is a powder manufacturing equipment manufacturer founded in 1925 with its head office and factory located in Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture.
Since our company’s founding, we have worked hand in hand with local industry through ball mill manufacturing. Ball mills are robust, unbreakable, quiet, and energy-saving, contributing to society over the long term.
We will respond sympathetically to any issues or concerns our customers may have, so please feel free to leave them to us.

Company Profile

Company NameChukoh Seiki Co., Ltd.
Founding dateApril 1925
Establishment dateDecember 1942
Capital50 million yen
RepresentativeCEO Yoshikatsu Kudo
5177-7 Hiyoshicho, Mizunami City, Gifu Prefecture
Business content・Ceramic raw material refining machine
・Sewage treatment machinery equipment
・Design and manufacture of recycling crushers, etc.
・Manufacture of metal parts for industrial machinery
Company site area28,050㎡
BankTono Shinkin Bank Mizunami Branch
Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank Mizunami Branch
Juroku Bank Mizunami Branch
Phone number/FAXTEL 0572-69-1025
FAX 0572-69-1027


April 1925Founded Inatsu Iron Works in Inazu Village, Toki District, Gifu Prefecture, with the main business of manufacturing ceramic machinery for local industries.
August 1939Main business is aircraft parts production.
January 1942Moved to Toki Town, Toki District, Gifu Prefecture and established Chukoh Seiki Joint Stock Company.
Manufactures aircraft parts as a affiliated factory of Kagamigahara Air Station (300 workers at the time)
February 1943Organizational change to Chukoh Seiki Co., Ltd. .
August 1949With the end of the war, he devoted himself to his main business, manufacturing machinery for the ceramic industry.
July 1970New office and factory expanded.
April 1979Expanded assembly factory.
February 1999Completion of new factory and new office
January 2003Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification
January 2005Introduction of gate type 5-sided machining center
August 2006Expansion of Building D (300㎡)
January 2008Introduction of gate-type machining center
September 2010Obtained Eco Action 21 certification
August 2011Introduction of table type CNC horizontal boring and milling machine
August 2011First participation in overseas exhibition, China International Industrial Expo, Shanghai New International Expo Center
August 2011Joined the Japan Powder Industry Technology Association
August 2011Introduction of OM turning & drilling
March 2021Introduced 5-gate type machining center and established a new processing factory.
March 2022Added OM turning & drill
August 2023Increased capital to 50 million yen

Certification, registration, external awards, etc.

Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certification in November 2003

Building and operating a quality management system.
We are working to improve quality control and future repair and maintenance through data record storage, etc.

March 2012 Trademark rights acquired

Class 7: Obtained by ball mill, etc.

Overseas introduction results


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