Used machinery information


Used machinery information

We sell used ball mills, etc.

Used machinery information

1200L Dry batch ballmill

Product name: 1200L dry ball mill
Overall dimensions: 2850W x 1900D x 3000H (mill core 2070, under discharge hood 640H)
Can internal dimensions: φ1270×1200L Made of SS
Drive unit: 5.5kW Beyer continuously variable transmission (200/200V)
Drive method: gear drive
Preparation port: 300×400 1 location
Frame: Made of SS
Discharge hood: Made of SUS (inner resin coated)
Lining: natural silica stone
Control panel (built-in inverter): ON-OFF/emergency stop button, timer, automatic/manual/jog switching
Other safety design: Limit switch with mill rotation prevention device


  1. For large capacity mass production equipment.
  2. Comes with a discharge hood, so there is less dust and raw materials can be discharged easily.
  3. Safe design with a mill rotation prevention device.
  4. Since it is driven by an inverter, the number of rotations (speed) can be set.
  5. Since it is equipped with a timer, unmanned production such as late-night operation is possible.
Whole photo
Loading/discharging lid
When installing the charging lid
中工精機-中古機械情報-仕込口 300×400
Loading port 300×400
Natural silica lining
Control panel
Mill rotation prevention device

600L stainless steel batch ballmill (wet type)

Product name: 600L stainless steel ball mill (wet type)
Can body: Made of SUS
Drive part: 3.7kW-4P 1/15 geared motor with brake (200V)
Drive method: V belt drive
Lining: Alumina lining completed


  1. Made of stainless steel, it is resistant to corrosion.
  2. Quiet design due to V-belt drive.
  3. It’s worth the price because it’s almost like new. The drive unit and mount are new.
600L stainless steel batch ballmill (wet type)

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