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Basic knowledge of Chukyo Manufacturing Machine Ball Mill

What is Ball Mill?

When a certain amount of balls as a grinding medium is introduced into a cylindrical container and rotated about a horizontal axis, the ball is lifted up to a certain height along the inner wall with the rotation of the cylindrical container and slides on the inner wall Or it rolls over the ball layer and circulates in the cylinder in a certain direction.
When the crushing material is charged during the circulating movement of the ball, the crushing material is finely crushed by the grinding force between the ball and the inner wall, the ball and the ball and the impact force when the ball rolls down. Besides pulverization, it is also used for mixing and dispersion.

Types of lining materials

By changing the type of lining (liner) material, the ball mill can cope with various raw materials (abrasion resistance, chemical resistance, contamination, etc.).
Although we have the following results at our company, please contact us if there is any other desired lining material.
Alumina · High purity alumina · Silicon nitride · Manganese · Steel (SS, Herten) · Natural stone · Wear resistant rubber · Chemical resistant rubber · MC nylon · Urethane rubber · PP (polypropylene)

Ball type

There are various sizes of balls (media) to be put in the ball mill, depending on the targeted granularity and raw materials, beads of several millimeters to balls of about 60 mm are used properly.
As materials, alumina · high purity alumina · silicon nitride · steel · natural stone · zirconia MC nylon (iron core included) etc., there are various other materials besides this.

Inner ball movement ①

Computer simulation of circulating movement state of the ball thinks that the movement of the ball which is the grinding medium is well understood.

Approximate condition
Ball mill inner diameter 1000mm
Ball diameter 50mm
Rotation speed 32rpm

Inner ball movement ② (with lifter bar)Ball motion 2

Computer simulation of the circulation movement state of the ball when the lifter bar is attached.

Approximate condition
Ball mill inner diameter 1000mm(リフターバー付)
Ball diameter 50mm
Rotation speed 32rpm