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Magnetic Filter


In the kiln industry, various ferro filters have been used so far to remove iron contaminating the raw materials.
However, each filter had many problems such as the structure of the magnetic pole, especially the washing effect was bad and clogging occurred frequently, every time it was washed by water washing manually. In order to solve this problem, we have developed a filter capable of fully automatic continuous operation by repeated research for a long time. By installing this filter it became possible to improve production and ensure product stability.

Structure and action


This machine is a magnetic filter having a special structure adsorption magnetic pole, automatically perform electromagnetic excitation → raw material supply → magnetic selection → residue extraction → magnetic substance extraction in order, and return to the stage of electromagnet excitation again It is becoming.

1) Supply of raw material is sent to the magnetic poles through the structure diagram No. 1 by the feed pump. In this case, the magnetic material is adsorbed by the magnetic poles. In addition, the nonmagnetic material (product) passes through the magnetic pole and is taken out through the part number ②.
2) Next, supply selected water from product number ③ and take out residues in the magnetic poles from ④.
(At this time, the magnetic poles are still excited.)
3) After discharging the residue, the magnetic poles are degaussed for a certain time and the magnetic poles are cleaned. Magnetic substances adsorbed on the magnetic pole are taken out to ⑤ by washing water from ③.

Residue: Residue is the raw material remaining inside the magnetic poles and piping.
This will return to the raw material hopper to improve the yield of the product.
Discharge by air: It is possible not to dilute product concentration by discharging residual water and residue with air.