Maintenance and replacement

We are engaged in repair, improvement, maintenance, etc. according to customer's request even after delivery by Medium Engineering Seiki.


Improvement of ball mill spindle (Metal polishing and improvement to bearings.)

Metal wears out quickly and oil refilling is essential. In recent years it has been manufactured with bearing specifications.


Polishing of worn ceramic rolls

We need a special diamond grindstone polishing machine, so we send it to our company and polish it.


Replacement with high efficiency motor

Replacement with Top Runner Motor
April 2015, Motor shipments will be launched for motors shipped by motor efficiency regulations (premium efficiency = IE 3 class).

Premium efficiency for top runner motor (IE 3)

Calculation method of electricity price saving when premium efficiency motor is used (However, it depends on condition)

Calculation example

3.7 kW When replacing the current standard efficiency motor (efficiency 85.0%) with a premium efficiency motor (efficiency 89.5%)


Motor: 3.7 kW 200 V 60 Hz, load factor: 100%, operation time: 3,000 hours / year, electricity charge: 16 yen / kWh

Annual power saving amount = 3.7 kWx [100/85 - 100 / 89.5] x 3,000 hours x 16 yen / kWh = 10,500 yen / year (From materials of motor manufacturer)

トップランナーモータ対応 プレミアム効率(IE3)